Terms & conditions

Conditions apply. Subject to change without notice. If after six months of consciously working to grow your business with our training you do not double your revenue, we will coach you in small groups until you do. In order to qualify for the Double Your Revenue Guarantee, you must first be making $3000 or more a month; you must be a full-time freelance copywriter; you must show us clear, unmistakable evidence of your revenue over the last six months (i.e., prior to you joining Freelancing School), which will come in the form of undoctored screenshots from your freelancing software, such as QuickBooks; in the first six months after joining Freelancing School, you must show strong evidence of applying our training, and you must have attended more than half of our Q&A sessions and asked questions at at least three of them. We reserve the right to limit, reduce or end coaching on a case by case basis. For best results, take Freelancing School seriously and attend our sessions, use our training, work with our community and otherwise consciously work to grow your business.